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Balm Women

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Balm women is a therapeutic group which supports women of African Caribbean heritage towards maintaining mental health and wellbeing. We explore the experiences of Black Women and the impact of these experiences on mental health. During workshops and seminars we have focused on issues which are both historic and topical, whilst examining the processes by which it is possible to move towards a position of healing.

This has involved group process, meditation and creative visualisation. Going forward we will include a range of holistic therapeutic interventions.

Currently we maintain contact via social media, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic we were able to meet in person, regularly participating in workshops. Within the group we create safe spaces in which women of Black African Caribbean heritage are able to explore the reality of their experiences, an exploration which is free from judgement . It is a safe space in which women feel held and supported.

Please check in to identify developments as we will be delivering Balm Therapies events via zoom covering a range of topics, including body image and the impact on mental health, as well as spirituality and healing from an holistic perspective.

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