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The Big Eat

Elsa a Balm Therapies CIC volunteer

We were fortunate enough to be invited by Chayah, a grass roots organisation based within the local community to 'The Big Eat' a series of networking events which were held in venues across Nottingham City. Attended by diverse members of the local community, the event was accessible to many individuals and groups.

Bringing people together now that lockdown restrictions have eased may be considered to be going someway towards reconnecting with each other, and doing what we may previously have considered to be the norm. For some it represented an opportunity to interact with others, and to learn more about local services.

As a result of the lockdown there has been an increased sense of isolation for many, and events such as this can assist in signalling the return to some form of normality.

Fortunately, the weather held out and this made the event successful.

It was a good to speak about the work we have been involved in, particularly during the pandemic, and the work we intend to undertake going forward.

Discussing the benefits of holistic therapies in relation to managing anxiety and stress sparked some interesting conversations. Using samples of essential oils, we encouraged attendees to feedback on their preferences, Ylang Ylang and Lavender were the most popular choices.

Contributing to community events enables us to continually raise awareness and share information in relation to the Complimentary health field, supporting us towards achieving our goal of increasing accessibility, and raising awareness.

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