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Treat Your Feet World Reflexology Week

20th to the 26th September 2021

World Reflexology week, it has been important to offer information and to raise awareness of not only the benefits but also increasing knowledge concerning this treatment.

In some ways using images and diagrams can help to clarify the basics.

What is Reflexology ? Reflexology is a treatment which focuses on the feet.

The practitioner uses their finger and thumb to gently works on the areas of the feet which correspond with the bodies systems, until they have all been worked on.

There are many benefits that can be experienced when using this treatment including ; pain relief, relaxation, and stress relief. It can also assist with insomnia and unsettled sleep patterns.

The diagram below reflects the different areas of the feet and the corresponding systems

Reflexology is often experienced as a soothing calming treatment which can create such a deep level of relaxation, that some recipients fall asleep while being treated.

Balm Therapies CIC are offering taster sessions particularly, but not exclusively to community members who have not experienced this type of treatment before.

To arrange a session contact details are below:

Email: or call 07828995741

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