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Balm Women

          African Caribbean Women Mental Health and Wellbeing

Balm women is a therapeutic group which provides a safe space for women of  African Caribbean heritage to explore issues which impact on their mental health and wellbeing. Balm Women has received support from Nottingham women's centre which allowed for the possibility of creating safe culturally supportive spaces.  The group has successfully developed workshops and seminars which focus on the spiritual  emotional and psychological needs of women of African Caribbean heritage.

The sessions present an holistic vision of healing enabling individuals to develop strategies which create balance and assist in managing the challenges which present themselves. 

We utilise a range of therapeutic tools including creative visualisation, group process and individual reflection.

Creating a safe space allows for the possibility of reflection on the emotional psychological and spiritual dimensions of our experiences. It allows for the opportunity to explore and discuss topics in a nurturing environment, where a broad spectrum of views and experiences are valued and respected

If you would like further information on the group its sessions, workshops and future developments please contact us.







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