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Training and education





The group environment can offer an opportunity to share and explore lived experiences.

Interacting with like minded individuals who may have similar thoughts feelings and challenges, can in itself create a sense of understanding and acceptance. This can assist in aiding reflection, as well as decreasing a sense of isolation which can be created when few spaces exist for allowing conversations to take place on matters which may impact groups or individuals.    

We offer support to individuals beginning with a preliminary consultation where we assess the type of support  you need.  

This may range from, someone to talk to, this could be in the form of befriending, or counselling and psychotherapy, as a means of assisting with the challenges which may impact on day to day life.


Participating in our holistic skills development programme can equip individuals with tools and strategies which can be shared with others, which means that the benefits and impacts go beyond the individual and may have the potential to impact on the community as a whole. We provide workshops, and seminars  

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