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A good read

This amazing book was mentioned on the Breakfast Club, I ordered a copy straight away, feeling somehow drawn to it, more to the title than anything else.

Written by a body psychotherapist it speaks of healing and the body centred steps by which this can be achieved.

What is of primary importance to me is the acknowledgement that trauma is experienced in the body and that the possibilities of healing this trauma can lie within the hands of the individual and the collective. Resmaa Menakem includes body centred exercises which relate to exploring and checking in with the body’s responses, some of the exercises are closely akin to meditation.

It is really refreshing to read material which in a sense affirms the healing practices which many of us have utilised; effective techniques which work with the body to heal and create balance.

Today we have moved into a phase where lock-down rules no longer apply in most instances.

We are looking forward to all the ways in which we can work within our communities to make techniques more accessible, whether this is through teaching or application, sharing knowledge and skills can impact on the wellbeing of not just the individual but also the collective.

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