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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Meditation has been an integral part of the workshops and training we have facilitated .

We have been delivering meditation in various forms within the community for a number of years, and the response has been positive.

I have found that meditation is a practice which can be very grounding, in the sense that the thoughts, and feelings, and continuous questioning which sometimes takes place within our minds becomes still, the energy which is given to the activity of thinking and over thinking, can seem like emotional and mental gymnastics. This can be exhausting and can manifest as stress, anxiety and even fear.

The introduction of meditation can offer the possibility of calming the mind, whilst creating a stillness within. Practiced within a group environment, there is a sense of community and connectiveness.

We encourage private practice, as it allows for the possibility of exploring the process in a different way, giving rise to opportunities to include other techniques, or to create an environment which is suitable for individual needs, e.g., use of incense, oil diffusers, music etc.

Receiving support from several community organisations, who offered spaces in which group meditation could take place assisted in making the process accessible.

Explaining the value of meditation and the ways in which it can improve both physical and mental health and wellbeing, can often encourage individuals to explore its possibilities.

Some of the benefits include, improved sleep patterns, the ability to manage stress and anxiety.

Research has suggested that regular meditation can improve brain functioning, offer greater clarity of thought and improve mental performance, and cognitive ability.

The additional benefits which can arise as a result of regular practice include decreased tension in the body, the lowering of blood pressure, and an increase in energy levels.

It is possible that even 10 or 15 minutes of meditation during the morning can lay the foundations for the rest of the day, which may mean greater calm, greater clarity and the ability to negotiate challenges with a new perspective.

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