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Wellbeing Festival

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Following the Sunday Session series Balm Therapies CIC hosted our first Wellbeing Festival .

We hoped that this event would take place in person, but as this was not possible, we used an online platform to deliver workshops.

We explored topics such as African perspectives on mental health and wellbeing, Radical self-care,

Natural Hair Care, and Traditional head wraps.

The festival was conducted over a five-hour period and all attendees remained for the full duration of the event, although we did encourage attendance of workshops which individuals had greater focus and more interest.

We planned to include some traditional dance, but time did not allow for this. We were encouraged by the response, and the active participation .

Looking ahead to the future, as we negotiate what will be seen as the 'new' normal , and what this may look like, post pandemic.

We will continue to identify strategies for managing mental health and wellbeing.

Learning and training is an important aspect of this process.

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