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Saturday Soup

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Within Caribbean culture it was a regular occurrence for family and friends to gather in each other’s homes to reflect, reminisce and gather to share experiences. This was often accompanied by a large bowl of delicious soup. We often referred to this soup as "Saturday' soup, as it was the soup most likely to be reserved for consumption on that day. It consisted of a range of vegetables or ground produce including Yams, Cassava, Pumpkin, maybe some sweet potato, Chocho(Chayote) or whatever your preference might be.

The completed soup ready for distribution

This would ensure that soup from each household had its own unique combination of flavours.

Meat such as chicken, beef or lamb could also be added with dumplings made from flour and the obligatory Scotch Bonnet to give it some heat and a bit of a kick.

When considering the aspects of our lives which engender a sense of connectiveness and community we decided to recreate this by producing 'Saturday soup' for distribution.

Participating in this offered us the opportunity to connect with families and individuals and to check out how they were getting on, whilst having a nutritious bowl of soup.

Adding yam to the pot

Thelma our chef on the day who offered the benefit of her many years of making Saturday soup.

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